About Me

My name is Ani and i've been making websites for over 10 years. Currently I reside in the warm United State of Florida where I earned my bachelors degree in digital art. My first language is English but I can also read Spanish and Japanese.

I really love Chinese and Italian foods mostly. I could live on chocolate if it were more healthy ^_^ and cherry flavored things. But I absolutely hate cauliflower and mayonnaise.

I've been an anime and manga fan for almost 10 years as well. Mostly I consider myself a fan of manga first and anime second. I've read thousands and thousands of volumes of manga (seriously not lying, at least 1,000 volumes). My first and all time favorite manga is Cardcaptor Sakura.

I'm also a Harry Potter fan. Though it's sad to know that the series is over it's good to know that the movies are still there.

Other things I like are Fantasy and Science Fiction books, Kingdom Hearts, video games, and generally being creative.

Lastly i'm a conventioneer and cosplayer. Without fail I make sure to make it to Megacon every year since 05. I've also gone to JACON and AFO. All of these cons are in Florida. So far I haven't done much cosplaying but I have a few more planned. Right now i've cosplayed as Winry from Fullmetal Alchemist, Namine from Kingdom Hearts II, Amu Hinamori from Shugo Chara, Syaoran from Tsubasa Chronicle and a random Hogwarts student. I currently have 3 more cosplays in the works.

My dream is to one day work in either animation, manga creation/editing, or website design. I do hope one day to make my own manga.

****I have for the most part own the name silentstardust almost everywhere on the net. There is apparently a silentstardust who writes fanfiction under that name. It's not me. My fanfiction name is "therealani" which has nothing on it ^^****