PS Splash Images

Currently I only have Phostoshop CS2 Splash Images Available.

Splash Images are what you see while you wait for Photoshop to open. Overriding them can be quite cool but there are some risks involved. Please make sure to read the warnings and instructions on the bottom of this page and in the zip files.

Download (Chii)

Download (Kingdom Hearts 2)

Download (Lovely Complex)

Download (Haruhi)

Download (Hiitachin Twins)

Download (Shugo Chara!)

Download (Tsubasa: Fai)


Warnings: Make sure you make a backup of the file before overridding it. All setup info is available per file. is not responsible for any lost or damaged files.

Currently Taking Requests: Have a different version of Photoshop? Really want me to make you one for your version? Email me and we'll talk about making you one.