Flower of the Deep Sleep

Title: Flower of the Deep Sleep

Genre: Supernatural, Shoujo

Author: Yuana Kazumi

Status: Finished

Flower of the Deep Sleep is the story of Yuuki and understanding a power that she has had since birth. Yuuki can see into the future. She tries to help out people by telling them what's going to happen but often she can't prevent it and people think she is a freak. One day Yuuki's twin sister Yuuka doesn't wake up, she is stuck in the dream world, and has to figure out how to save her. Yuuki is joined by two brothers, Ryuune and Ryuunosuke, who each have a special power. These brothers are betrothed to Yuuki and one will end up being her husband. Can they all save Yuuka? Or will she be stuck in an eternal sleep forever?

Yuuki - the main protagonist, she can see into the future.
Yuuka - Yuuki's twin sister, she is asleep through most of the manga, she doesn't want to wake up for some reason.
Ryuune - the bishie, he has the power to look into people's souls.
Ryuunosuke - the bad-boy, he has the power to drain people of their energy. when Yuuki is stressed his power calms her down.
Little Girl - a little girl in the dream world, she is actually a young Yuuka.

Review: This manga was kind of confusing and it had parts in the manga that I thought it could have easily done without. There was a whole chapter where Yuuki has amnesia after Ryuunosuke kisses her and I was all like, what's the point of that? Anyway it was cute for a short manga and it made me glad it was only two volumes.

Recommend: I recommend this for a quick read. If you are into drama manga then this is for you. If you need saga manga, then i don't recommend it. If you do read it, read it multiple times before going on to the next chapter, or take your time, because if you don't you may be confused with what is going on.

Overall I give this manga a 7.0, for a short read that will make you wonder, with a little romance sprinkled in.