Full Moon wo Sagashite

Title: Full Moon wo Sagashite

Genre: Supernatural, Comedy, Romance, Fantasy, shojo

Author: Arina Tanemura

Status: Finished

Mitsuki wants nothing more in life than to be a singer, but she has one major flaw keeping her from her dream, Mitsuki has throat cancer. As if by divine fate two Shinigami (Japanese gods of death) enter her room and Meroko (bunny shinigami) accidentally tells her that she has 1 year left to live. Mitsuki sprints out of the house to go to a singing audition. She soon comes to terms with the fact that she isn't old enough and Takuto (cat shinigami) uses his power to turn her into a sixteen year old. Believing that Mitsuki will have no regrets after loosing the audition, the shinigami assume that Mitsuki will be more willing to cope with her upcoming death. Instead Mitsuki wins the audition and reveals to the shinigami that she is singing so that it will reach her long lost love Eichi. So begins the story of Full Moon wo Sagashite as Mitsuki sings her heart out to reach the one she loves.

Mitsuki Kouyama - loves to sing, but has throat cancer. She is the only one who can see the shinigami.
Full Moon - Mitsuki's sixteen year old self that has no throat cancer thanks to Takuto.
Takuto - a shinigami that has only just become one, he is a cat shinigami because he has a cat ear hat. He gets very jealous when Mitsuki talks about Eichi.
Meroko - a shinigami with bunny ears and a top hat. She has been a shinigami for quite some time. She used to be partnered with Izumi.
Eichi - Mitsuki's childhood friend, they made a pact that they would both be closer to their dreams when they met again. Eichi told Mitsuki that he loved her and then moved away to America.
Wakaouji - he is Mitsuki's doctor, but also has a connection to the music industry.
Ooshige - Full Moon's manager
Izumi - another Shinigami, he has dog ears and used to be Meroko's partner.

At first I was only going to read the first chapter. It just sounded like it might be something that would be different than i had read before and I was right. One minute it's sad then the next happy. It really didn't turn out to be all about Mitsuki's throat cancer but as the story went on i continued to rethink the fact that Mitsuki was getting closer and closer to her death and that made me kind sad. This manga was an emotional roller coaster at times. I normally don't like that kinda stuff, but this one was done really well, I throughly enjoyed it.

I recommend this manga to people who are at least willing to give it a chance. I compared it to Cardcaptor Sakura once and it has a few similarities to that manga. I say that if you liked Marmalade Boy or Imadoki! then you'll probably like this manga. You don't have to worry about music that much in this as opposed to the anime and everyone on [info]meroko says that they enjoy the manga over the anime, but the anime is still good.

Overall I give this manga a 8.75, for a really kawaii story that'll make you smile, laugh, and cry.