Guru Guru Ponchan

Title: Guru Guru Ponchan

Genre: Comedy, Romance, Fantasy, shojo

Author: Ikezawa Satomi

Status: Vol 3 Ch 2 (Stopped reading)

Ever wondered what your pets were actually thinking? That was the reason why Yasuke Koizumi created the 'talking bone' in hopes of finding out what his granddaughter's dog, Ponta, is actually thinking. Ponta who is only a puppy ends of swallowing the bone when no one is around. Instead of her having the voice of a human she turns into one. Since Ponta is only a puppy she looks like a young child and runs out of the house. Ponta is rescued by Mirai and she instantly falls in love with him. Months pass and by accident Ponta swallows the bone again, but because she has aged as a dog she now looks sixteen yrs old. After her family realizes that the girl is actually the dog lots of strange things happen and Ponta even gets enrolled in school. Now Ponta is in Mirai's class, is she one step closer to finding love?

Ponta Koizumi - a girl, ermm i mean dog, who falls in love with Mirai and uses the 'talking bone' to turn herself into a human.
Mirai Iwagi - he works at the Koizumi house and is Ponta's guardian at school. He knows Ponta's a dog.
Gou Fujinaka - a transfer student that instantly falls for Ponta (human form, doesn't know she's a dog). He's really nice to animals.
Yuka Koizumi - she's Ponta's owner. At first she is jealous of Ponta because she has a crush on Mirai, but now she thinks of Ponta like her big sis.
Yasuke Koizumi - grandpa who created the bone. He is also a chairperson at the school.

First off wtf?! A boy and a dog?! Talk about weird. At first the story actually sounded so odd that it was interesting... then it actually starts to just get really strange. Ponta and Mirai actually start dating even though he knows she's a dog! They start dating really early in the book so it's not a spoiler or nothing. Anyway it has it's really funny parts but the story just starts to get semi-repetitive. The art is good but isn't the best either.

If this ever comes to North America I dare you to check it out. It's great to see how odd it is and the first two volumes are good for a few laughs. But please don't buy this it isn't worth the money. I do however recommend this to people who have dogs, again please don't buy it, because the dogs talk in the manga and it's also funny to see how well the artists understands the way dogs act and think.

I give this manga a 6 for a funny story but a seriously strange one at that.