Instant Teen: Just Add Nuts

Title: Instant Teen: Just Add Nuts

Genre: Romance, Fantasy, shoujo

Author: Haruka Fukushima

Status: Finished

This is the story of two childhood friends and their misadventures, with of'course a twist. See Natsumi (she) one day stumbles upon some genetically engineered nuts. These nuts when eaten cause Natsumi to change into a supermodel adult. Her best friend Asuma (he) joins her on her misadventures to discover what being an adult is all about. From boyfriends to photoshoots this girl sees it all, and Asuma is always there when everything comes crashing down. Natsumi may look like an adult but she still is just a child at heart and that child is whom Asuma cares for most.

Natsumi Kawashima - she yearns to grow up too quickly and thus is intoxicated by the power of the miracle nuts.
Asuma - has feelings for Natumi and can't understand why she is so obssessed with being an adult.
Dr. Mominomiya - he created the miracle nuts and has helped out Natumi and Asuma in their adventures.
Dr. Nanao - she is the childhood friend of Dr. Mominomiya. Originally the miracle nuts were meant for her so she could become more feminine.

In the first book, I understood where the story was going and thought I had it all figured out and then the author just starting writing so she could continue the characters. It made the story feel like each volume after volume 2 was written on the fly, course I could be wrong. The love stories were cute but I think at times I enjoyed the author's side stories more. I was also disappointed in the ending. I felt like it was lacking something. One thing that really pissed me off through the whole book is that we never see Asuma as an adult.

It takes a certain person to read this manga, not saying that i'm not one. If you are curious I truly find it easier to understand this manga if you have read a manga like Zodiac P.I. first. I loved the manga and i'm not saying the two are alike but Instant Teen does remind me of this manga a little. Don't read them in reverse, but read them in the order I say so. Anyway I only recommend this manga for a manga reader thats just looking for a little romantic comedy. There is just too much plot in this and the plots don't seem to blend well. For a read I recommend it, for a worthwhile read I can't.

Overall I give this manga a 7.0, for a cute story that will make you want to watch the movie 13 Going on 30 when you're done with it.